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Its been a few months since the close of Scrap Orchard and the end of my digital scrapbooking career. It was a bittersweet thing to see that chapter close because I still remain so passionate about scrapbooking and writing down those memories. But in the end I think it was just the push I needed to create something just a little different. Merging something that I began before scrapbooking with many of the skills that I had learned along the way. So I am very excited to share with you my etsy shop.  In it you will see paper dolls(hand painted by me and transformed in photoshop) and magnetic dolls fashioned to match some of Matilda Jane’s current collection.

Isabella Paper Doll Set
Isabella Paper Doll Set

As a trunk keeper I really just love everything about these clothes! If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can check out the cute clothes here:
And if you need a trunk keeper you can find me here:
I have been with this company since August of 2014 and I have loved every minute of it!

As I move forward I hope to fill my shop with little dolls and clothes that will put a smile on your face! You will also notice planner stickers as well as some other stickers made to support Matilda Jane Trunk Keepers. I hope to branch out and make more planner stickers as well as other kinds of paper dolls! So check back often in my shop for more new and exciting things!


Humbled Parenting: Well-check with a 2 year old

Being a third time parent you would think that I would be completely prepared for the pediatricians office. After all I have navigated that rocky first time parent role and then the mom of a toddler and baby. And then 2 years at the 3 times a parent bit. But, I am beginning to think that the more kids that you have the more tired you are and the less you care about the possible outcomes. My littlest just turned 2. He is precocious and stubborn and pretty much a little ball of fury when he doesn’t get his way. So in my delirious state of mom-hood of 3 I had made his appointment during a time when my 4 year old was not at pre-school. No biggie right? I’ve got this! I’m a mom of 3 after all. Off we go to the doctors. We get into the room and my 4 year old climbs up on the stool and plays with a truck I pulled out of my purse. My two year old starts running laps across the tiny room slamming his little body into the wall and then the door and then the wall and then the door. You get the idea. I let him. He’s happy, he isn’t hurting himself. And if there is one thing I’ve learned in these two years of being his parent you do not stop him unless he’s causing bodily harm to himself or another. To do so would literally send this appointment into a screaming raging tailspin. So I let him be and mildly wonder if the people in the next room are wondering what kind of parent is letting their kid trash the pediatricians office. And I conclude that I do not care!
The doctor walks in and the 2 year old stops and gives her a wide grin. He is awesome for her. Downright lovely. He lets her check his heart, his ears and yup giggled violently when she checked to make sure his testicles were where they were supposed to be. He was down right charming. My 4 year old at this point feels left out and wants me to hold him. I tell him not right now because I feel the need to be ready to catch my 2 year old in case he decides to attempt base-jumping off a the exam table. Did I mention he also has no fear.  My 4 year old I assume not happy about my neglect decides to sneak behind the Doctor and gets into my purse. The Doctor at this time is informing me that my 2 year old is due for two shots and I know this is not going to go well. At that exact moment my 4 year old finds a lollipop in the bottom of my purse, holds it up victoriously and shouts “OHHHH I didn’t know you had this, can I have it? Can I have it? Can I have it?” My two year old laser-locks his eyes on the lollipop and starts screaming “some, some,some!!!!!” and I pray that there is another one. Victorious, there are exactly two! Knowing that shots are coming up I tell them to wait until the end. This was pretty much the worst idea I ever had as you will soon see. The nurse comes in and the 2 year old gets distracted. She’s pretty and he loves to flirt. He has no idea what she is there for. They ask me to lay him down and I hold out the lollipop as a means of distraction. His eyes register the reality if his situation and he suddenly remembers what this game is about.  He’s NOT fooled. They poke him simultaneously in each leg and he screams and he thrashes. I try to hand him the lollipop and he realizes that the reward of lollipop is just a method of deception. He is no dummy and he’s not taking it and he’s NOT going to calm down by any means. I pick him up. He arches his back. I try to hand him the lollipop and he knocks it out of my hand and falls to the germ infested floor. It breaks and he screams even louder. I lay him back down and I try to put his pants on realizing that this show is not going to end soon and my best course of action is to get the hell out of there. Now, have you ever tried to put pants on a screaming 2 year old who does not want you to put pants on them. It is an ugly messy affair. They lock their little legs(cross-wise of course) and if you’re so lucky to get one leg in this is usually undone when you try to insert the other leg. They sprout at least 4 extra arms and develop super human strength in which they rip the offensive pants out of your hands and chuck them across the room. I am for once grateful for this tiny private enclosed space. Because anyone listening can just leave it to their imagination what is going on inside that little room. I am quite certain their imagination is nowhere near close to the humiliating reality. And for that I am grateful. I manage to wrestle him into the pants and then calculate the risk vs. benefits of putting a coat on him and decide against it. I set him on the floor for his safety so I can pause a moment to catch my breath and brush my sweaty tangled hair out of my face. I strengthen my resolve and scoop up his wiry still screaming body and exit the room. The 4 year old mindlessly follows in our wake enjoying his lollipop completely oblivious to his actions that helped result in the epic meltdown of his brother.  As soon as I get outside the screams subside a bit and I buckle them into the car with relative ease. I reflect on the experience as I hand my 2 year old the half broken lollipop that I retrieved from the pediatricians floor. He is suddenly a different child. All smiles(and snot). I realize that I do not feel shame actually, nor was I really embarrassed by this entire experience. Instead I laugh and think “Well, I made someone feel better about their parenting today.” I’m keeping it real people! I’m keeping it real! Humbled Parenting.
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Lately I have been contemplating the relentless pursuit of perfection that so many of us follow. I know in my heart that perfection is not possible because perfection is a myth and only achieved by God. Yet we still pursue it. I still pursue it! For me it often looks something like this: “If only I had that/was that/could do that/see that…life would be good.” Yet I know this is a lie. Part of our fallen nature is to try to achieve things through our own means that are just not possible or even good for us. Why is it so hard to know this in your heart but not in your head? I feel like it is a constant struggle. And it just seems so easy to consume, to be jealous, to want more. It is too easy to focus on those around us and what we might be missing out on or could be doing better, rather than being satisfied.

This is not to say that God does not want us to try to be perfect. In 2 Corinthian 2:11 Paul states:
“11 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration(perfection), encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”

But we need to be clear on the definition of perfect.  God’s definition of perfect and the world’s are completely different. Yet we should strive to become perfect in God if we truly want to understand the happiness and peace He has to offer. This is something the world cannot understand.

The other day I sat in my back yard while the boys ran all over the grass. B. ran to the swing set and did that running jump to the swing that makes him feel like he’s flying. And A. just toddled around, finally happy to escape the confines of our house. As I watched them, I noticed how joyful and happy they were taking in the sunshine, rolling in the green grass, and feeling the warm breeze. How easy it is to please two little boys. Why can I not be so easily pleased? Why does my mind get wrapped up in the laundry list of things I want/need to do? Why can’t I just be and enjoy the sun, the green grass, the warm breeze, and two little boys joyfully frolicking in the backyard? To answer that, I simply can! And I did. What I saw that day helped me to see the many moments of perfection in my day. Moments of perfection that I miss when I’m focused on all my life is not. While we cannot be perfect or achieve perfection I do believe that there are tiny moments of perfection all throughout our day. We just need to keep our eyes open and appreciate them. In striving for (God’s definition of) perfection,  I think we can achieve a sense of peace and gain a clearer perspective of what we truly do need in this life.  Perfection on that day was the joyful exuberance of two little boys playing in the backyard. An ordinary moment, that builds a lifetime of lasting memories and inspires me to keep my eyes on our eternal destination. That eternal destination where we are all made whole and perfect in His image.20140606_110244

*NEW* Strawberry Bliss Free with Purchase and FREEBIE

As I stated in my last post there is just something about strawberries that I absolutely love. I love eating them. I love them on M’s adorable clothes, I love them on paper products, jewelry, you name it! I got a super amazing shirt from Matilda Jane for M and I knew I needed to create a kit I could scrap future pictures of her in it! So here is Strawberry Bliss. Purchase the kit at 20% and get the wordbits FREE this week only. Offer and sale expires 5/29. Scroll on down for a FREEBIE just for you!
mle-StrawberryBliss-preview mle-StrawberryBliss-Wordbits-prev

And if you’re curious about the super cute shirt I got you can check it out here or here
mle-StrawberryBliss-BlogFreebieDownload here

Matilda Jane Pastel Bennys

Today I wanted to feature the adorable versatility of Matilda Janes Pastel Bennys. They are so adorable and can be dressed up or down! Here are just a few looks:look1                             look2
Pastel Bennys &                                                                                  Pastel Bennys
Plain white shirt                                                                                   Plain white shirt
.                                                                                                                Spin Art Yama Dress
look3                                look4

Pastel Bennys                                                                                         Pastel Bennys
Dandelion Boatneck Tee                                                                   Plain White Shirt
Dandy Shrug                                                                                            Self Portrait Skirt

look5                              look6

Pastel Bennys                                                                                       Pastel Bennys &
Dandelion Boatneck Tee                                                                Pom Pom Peasant
Dandy Shrug
Self Portrait Skirt

I think we can all agree that the Pastel Bennys are the perfect Matilda Jane staple for your wardrobe. I love how they coordinate so well with several pieces from Paint by Numbers. And I can’t wait to see how they coordinate with next season! Which I will have the awesome privilege of selling!!!!!!

Glorious Joy

1 Peter 1:8There have been many times in my life where it is hard to see where God is in all of it. An unclear path through life’s unfortunate circumstances as a result of sickness and loss. But this verse is a great reminder to me that even though we cannot see the threads God has placed in the fabric of our life. He surely can. Reflecting on that is what brought me through one of the most heart-wrenching times in our life. One that I can now look back on and see how truly amazing his design for my life is. We would not have our most amazing children B. or A. had we not gone through these trials. So now as we work through other life’s troubles I try to remember, that laying it at His feet will ensure that I do not worry.  And I will likely look back and have a greater understanding as to why things needed to happen the way they did. I know that His plans for our life are much greater than we can even imagine. So I will live this day with inexpressible and glorious JOY!


Beginning something is so hard. But you have to start somewhere. So here goes…I am an artist(watercolorist/graphic design) with a passion for kids fashion. I love photography and scrapbook design(the digital kind). I am a Christian and I co-run a girl scouts troop for my daughter. How does one bring all these things together into one blog? I could sit in plan and that very well could take months. Instead I think the best approach is to just dive in. It may be a little scattered at first. But you have to start somewhere! So without further ado, my first post is going to be a mix of watercolor/illustration AND kids fashion.
I am currently a little bit in love with Matilda Jane Clothing. My friend Sarah has been a trunk keeper for a little over a year and at first I just couldn’t jump on the bandwagon. I didn’t understand the clothes and why SO many people were in love with them/borderline obsessed with them. Over the past year her sweet little girl has been filling my facebook wall. And little by little I could start to understand it. As I watched my own daughter, M move from the toddler to the girls department of target I began to wonder where all the cute dresses went to? Seriously there has to be a black hole where all the cute dresses for 6-9 years old fall in that place. I began to realize that M. was quickly growing too big for all the adorable and appropriate options and was being left with a pile of sequined and netted garments designed to make her look much older than their years. And all M wants to do is have a fun twirly dress that is comfortable. So I took myself over to Sarah’s house one February 1st to see their new line Its a Wonderful Parade. And my jaw hit the floor. M ran off with A and ate her fill of cupcakes and I just drooled over the gorgeous fabric. So soft, so pretty and perfect for a young girl meant to KEEP A GIRL YOUNG! The artist in me appreciated the thoughtfulness that was put into the collection. And looking more closely to the new fabrics for this line I could see hints of past lines. Making them work together so that if you buy a piece now it still will coordinate with future releases. And don’t even get me started on the buttons! I could go on and on about my thoughts about Matilda Jane. Instead I will share with you what I mean about the versatility of these clothes(and share a bit of my artwork).

Today I want to feature this super cute brand new top, the Navy Lizzy by Matilda Jane. It literally just hit the racks two days ago! And the possibilities are endless. This top can be dressed up or down. And here’s how:

Matilda Jane Look 1
Wearing Wonderful Parade Navy Lizzy & Paint by Numbers Abba Leggings
Navy Lizzy look 2
Wearing Wonderful Parade Navy Lizzy & Good Hart Anchors Away Straightees
Navy Lizzy Look 3
Wonderful Parade Navy Lizzy and Good Hart Sweet Violet Ruffles

Matilda Jane purists avert your eyes 😉 I feel like there is nothing wrong with mixing brands and making your money stretch a little! So consider a special piece that you absolutely love like the Navy Lizzy Top and a cute pair of navy woven striped shorts or a pair of white skinny jeans from Carter’s/Oshkosh/Target/etc.

Navy Lizzy look 4
Wearing Wonderful Parade Navy Lizzy & a pair of Carter’s woven shorts.
Wonderful Parade Navy Lizzy and Carter’s White Skinny Jeans

If this brand is new to you it runs a bit differently from your typical clothes shopping experience. Sold at in-home shows and ordered by a personal trunk keeper. I recently was hired as a trunk keeper. If you love these close and want to order. I would love to help you out. Email me at emilycard {at} matildajaneclothing dot com !